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2016 Analysis of investment activity in Ukraine and the ways of its development. Анотація   PDF (English)
Anna Goman, M.L. Varlamova
2016 International marketing strategies used by international business entities. Анотація   PDF (English)
Krystyna Kolnobrytska, T.V. Orekhova
2016 Commodity structure of foreign trade of Ukraine. Анотація   PDF (English)
Oksana Likhoshva, M. Varlamova
2016 The main trends of the development of TNCs in Ukraine. Анотація   PDF (English)
Julia Demyanova, N.Y. Ishchuk
2016 Economic reforms in Ukraine. Анотація   PDF (English)
Olexandr Zastup, O.O. Savrasova
2016 Development of entrepreneurship in advanced economies. Анотація   PDF (English)
Andrii Ishchuk, N.Y. Ishchuk
2016 Participation of Ukraine in the Еuropean program Horizon 2020. Анотація   PDF (English)
Mykola Rozdobud’ko, N.Y. Ishchuk
2016 Insurance companies and private pension funds in the system of private pension insurance in Ukraine. Анотація   PDF (English)
Kateryna Yuzvyuk, N.Y. Ishchuk
2016 Caricature in the context of soviet propaganda. Анотація   PDF (English)
Andrii Yakovliev, L.B. Lykhachova
2016 The future of the post-reform period Russian nobility in the works of researchers before the revolution. Анотація   PDF (English)
Svitlana Baranenko, N.R. Temirova
2016 Understanding the liberal and realistic approaches to international organizations in international relations. Анотація   PDF (English)
Vitaliy Potapov, I.S. Zhelezniak
2016 The figure of Stepan Bandera in the memoirs of the OUN leaders. Анотація   PDF (English)
Bogdan Temirov, M.O. Bystra
2016 Ten years of modern Polish-Ukrainian history: the factor of European Integration (2005 – 2015). Анотація   PDF (English)
Kyrylo Mieliekiestsev, O.M. But
2016 Contradictions that have arisen with the development of modern information technologies. Анотація   PDF (English)
Karyna Beschekova, I.Yu. Charskykh
2016 The use of smart power as contextual intelligence of international actors. Анотація   PDF (English)
Oleksandra Hryhorieva, I.Yu. Charskykh
2016 Terrorism phenomenon in the modern media space. Анотація   PDF (English)
Hanna Pasiekova, I.Yu. Charskykh
2016 Key features of a newspaper report. Анотація   PDF (English)
Natalia Shabashova, A.V. Hlushko
2016 Difference between semantic and information war. Анотація   PDF (English)
Anna Сhernikova, O.V. Taranenko
2016 Applied Linguistics and Bilingualism. Анотація   PDF (English)
Daria Dubenko, O.O. Odintsova
2016 The role of artificial intellect in Computational Linguistics. Анотація   PDF (English)
Alina Karpenko, O.O. Odintsova
2016 Crystal structure of double sodium-copper (II) paratungstate B: Na2Cu3(CuOH)2[W12O40(OH)2]⋅32H2O Анотація   PDF (English)
Ella Ivantsova, S.V. Radio
2016 Research in silico redox metabolism of human erythrocytes. Анотація   PDF (English)
Anastasiia Khivrich, O.I. Dotsenko
2016 Gaussian stationary quasi Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process and its simulation. Анотація   PDF (English)
Marina Petranova, Yu.V. Kozachenko
2017 Impact of Brexit on the British economy. Анотація   PDF (English)
Kateryna Bartkova, N.Yu. Ishchuk
2017 The impact of global offshore areas on national economy. Анотація   PDF (English)
Yuliia Burlak, N.Yu. Ishchuk
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