Religious factor of anti-migrant attitudes in Germany


  • Eduard Matviichuk Vasyl` Stus Donetsk National University


At the present stage, the problems of Germany's migration policy are mostly caused by Muslim refugees from North Africa and the Middle East. This, in turn, causes religious conflicts in Christian Germany. This factor creates a negative image of a migrant in the German society.
The migration policy pursued by the government headed by A. Merkel, in the context of the refugee crisis, is subject to significant criticism from the opposition parties, which are supported by a fairly large number of the German population. Both in Germany and in European countries, nationalist and right-wing populist parties are gaining more and more popularity, in their rhetoric we can see manifestations of xenophobia, racism, etc. Such phenomena can seriously undermine the authority of the state or certain states in the international arena, because they call into question the main pillars of the liberal and democratic world order. One of the main factors in these contradictions is religion, namely Islam. It is one of the most ―triggered‖ topics in the society nowadays. That is no matter how paradoxical it may seem, but in a state that is secular, in which citizens almost do not pay attention to confessional affiliation, one of the most dangerous things that can lead to a serious conflict is the religion, where belonging to Islam can cause serious bias against the person.


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