Actions of the Russian Federation regarding Ukraine and their impact on russia’s image in the global media


  • Inha Musiiuk Vasyl` Stus Donetsk National University


Considering the fact that in today's world the role of global media, which act as non-governmental players in the international arena, is steadily growing, and they are increasingly able to influence the behavior of international actors and build their image, taking into account this area becomes especially important in analysis and evaluation of the states actions in general. The Russian Federation is a controversial subject of international relations, whose actions are difficult to predict. This controversial conduct of the state can be traced concerning Ukraine first and foremost. This paper is devoted to the analysis of how the actions commited by the Russian Federation towards Ukraine are presented by the global media, which are currently advocated by such information companies as the BBC and CNN, and how this affects Russia's perception of the world.


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I. Political sciences, international relations, historical studies and archaeology