Cultural diplomacy of polish cities as a component in promoting the cultural influence of the state


  • Inna Babii Vasyl` Stus Donetsk National University


Considering changing tendencies in international relations and transition from fight for territories and zones of influence to competition for the hearts and minds of people, Poland in its foreign policy also pays considerable attention to public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy as main voices of ―soft power‖. It is interesting that given general trends of urban development in the EU, Polish cities try to be more active and rational in establishing contacts with other international actors. They regard themselves as non-state international actors. Admitting important part of cities in cultural diplomacy Republic of Poland facilitates strengthening their subjectivity. It also joined to such initiatives of European Commission as Amsterdam partnership 2016, Urban agenda for the EU 2020 and a lot of other initiatives, that demonstrate its willingness to support comprehensive urban development.


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