First ladies of the USA as advocates for women's rights


  • Iryna Bondar Vasyl` Stus Donetsk National University


Today, the figure of the First Lady is an integral part of the US political culture. The wife of the US president has special duties which are not enshrined in the national law, but were established by American society and considered to be obligatory. Domestically, the First Lady is an ―example‖ for a female audience, the embodiment of the values and moral principles of American society, she reflects the public perceptions of the ―ideal woman‘s image‖ of her time period. At the same time, the First Lady is also a representative of American women and an advocate for women`s rights. The president‘s wife may influence the domestic gender policy and decision-making process. That is why the First Lady is analyzed in terms of her contribution to the empowerment of women.


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