Greta Thunberg’s activities and School Strike for Climate. Main issues and points of view


  • Nataliia Poltavska Vasyl` Stus Donetsk National University


Today, the problems of environmental pollution and climate change due to their aggravation are becoming more and more discussed. Although almost every state has felt them, the controversy over them are relevant. While some states admit the existence of these problems and take appropriate action, others ignore or deny climate changing or human‘s participation in this process.
The emergence of the quite radical movement School Strike for Climate or as it is also called Fridays for Future was natural. It stands out among other environmental movements and organizations because most of its members are underage schoolchildren and students, and its founder Greta Thunberg is not afraid to accuse world leaders of inaction and ignoring environmental issues which causes the emergence of completely different points of view in society.


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