Effect of oxidative action of potassium hexacyanopherate (III) on hemoglobin


  • Anastasiіa Karpinska Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University


Hemoglobins are structurally related proteins in the erythrocytes of vertebrates. They perform two important biological functions: they transfer O2 from the lungs to peripheral tissues and CO2 and protons from peripheral tissues to the respiratory organs for further excretion from the body [1: 55]. The interaction of hemoglobin (Hb) with the oxygen molecule is a complex process that includes changing the spin state of the iron ion, increasing the size of the porphyrin cycle nucleus, changing the tertiary structure of the corresponding subunit, rearranging the quaternary structure of the whole Hb molecule. Under certain conditions, equilibrium oxygen binding can switch to an irreversible autooxidation reaction to methemoglobin (metHb). This process is the main source of oxygen free radicals in the erythrocyte, namely superoxide radicals (О2 - ×).


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