Nonverbal communication of commercial advertising


  • Anna Sheihets Vasyl‟ Stus Donetsk National University
  • Nataliia Ishchuk Vasyl‟ Stus Donetsk National University


Communicating messages through commercials has always been a challenge due to the complex nature of one-way communication. Since television became available to households, it has been used as a mass medium for entertainment news and advertising, the latter being a key success factor in brand awareness and increasing profits. Due to the development of neuromodern advertising affects both the senses and consciousness, and the human subconscious. The relevance of the chosen topic of the study is due to the growth the role of advertising today. Advertising like element of social communication, reflects the cultural characteristics of a nation, its values and desires. On the other hand, advertising is a means of influencing and creating new needs, which allows it to shape society in a certain direction.


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